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As an Occupational Therapist since 1989, I have 28 years of experience in physical rehabilitation, including medical massage and various manual therapies.  In fact, I continue to work part time as as occupational therapist--tapering down as my business steadily grows.


When I had my own injury in 2001 it caused me to look for therapies that were truly effective in reducing pain.  It is very frustrating to be told that surgery is needed, but it won't make the pain go away.  "Learn to live with the pain" is not a good answer.  Neither is daily pain medication!  At least it wasn't for me.  


I attended my first John Barnes Myofascial Release seminar in January 2005, and that was the last time I took routine pain medication. My patients encouraged me to get a massage therapy license, telling me over and over that I have a gift for it.  I have taken 11 John Barnes Myofascial Release seminars to date, exceeding continuing education requirements of the State of Texas.  I'm not saying I haven't had flare-ups from time to time, but my injury became manageable and I returned to all normal activities without surgery.  I was so terrified of having surgery and never being able to return to an active lifestyle.  My fears were real.  I've seen so many "successful" surgeries end up with poor results over the years.  So many times I've heard, "I wish I didn't have surgery, at least I didn't have this nerve damage before.  Now I have pain AND I can't walk right."  Do yourself a favor and look up the long term studies after spinal surgery.  The non-surgical groups have better long-term outcomes. (There are, of course, some exceptions in which paralysis could occur if surgery is not done, so be sure and get yourself checked out.)


I know how it is to search for something that will work to make the pain stop.  I can't guarantee that I can stop your pain, but I will say that 99% of the people I have worked with have felt better and regained lost functioning.


I hope to hear from you soon.  I look forward to helping you.